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    Nukatap SS Forward Sealing Beer Faucet (Chrome Plated Stainless Steel)

    Features: Compatible with all Intertap faucet accessories and shanks Reduced first pour foam due to low thermal mass Unique shuttle design greatly improves laminar flow, improving the pour of carbonated...

    Intertap Chrome Plated Faucet,D1211

    Features: A chrome plated forward sealing (similar to per lick) faucet Compatible with all standard shanks and towers Modular threaded spout allows you to use this tap as a growler...

    Intertap Self Closing Faucet Spring (3 pcs.)

    Details: 3 pcs. ***Not compatible with Flow Control faucet model or other brands of faucets*** Turn your Intertap faucet into a self-closing faucet with the use of this faucet spring....

    Intertap Growler Spout

    Features: Works with any of the Intertap faucets Converts the spout of an Intertap faucet into a 1/2" barb for filling growlers Stainless Steel Construction Details: Easily attaches to any...

    Intertap Beer Faucet Parts - Flow Control Seal & Gasket Kit

    Features: For use with Intertap FLOW CONTROL Faucets Replacement Gaskets and O-rings Details: Replacement gaskets and o-rings for the Intertap Flow Control faucets.

    Intertap Growler Filler

    Features: For use with Intertap Faucets Only Stainless Steel Pushes into standard Intertap faucet Works with 3/8" tubing Details: For use with Intertap Faucets Only. Pushes into standard Intertap faucet....

    Eagle KEG860 Sanke Valve/Spear Removal Tool, Gray

    Features: For removing the valve and spear on American Sanke kegs Tool will push the spear down Does not remove the ring Details: For removing the valve and spear on...
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