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    X-Dry Series Tri-Clamp Chugger Pump (Center Inlet) - Stainless Steel

    Due to high demand, this item is currently out of stock. Be the first to receive your items by placing a pre-order today. We will automatically ship this to you when we...

    Plastic Plug - Priming Port and Drain Port for PMP100 and Filter Pumps

    Threaded plastic plug fits the Priming Port and Drain Port of both our PMP100 Centrifugal Pump as well as the pump on our 20x209cm Plate and Frame Filters. Item #...

    ByPass for PMP100

    Pump bypasses reduce a pump's outlet pressure by providing an alternate flow path for the fluid being pumped. When the fluid encounters backpressure downstream, it can recirculate through the bypass...

    3/8 in NPT x 3/8 in Barb Straight - Plastic

    Straight barb for pump, 3/8 inch NPT x 3/8 inch barb. Item # FIL04 Weight 0.01 LBS

    Rebuild Kit including replacement seals for PMP100

    Complete internal gasket set to rebuild our PMP100 pump. Does not include the impeller. Item # PMP100B Weight 0.20 LBS

    O-Ring for PMP520 - Euro 20

    Replacement O-ring for Euro 20 pump. In documents tab: Position: 2 Item # PMPP520O Weight 1 LBS

    Pump - 7.2 GPM High Temp (Max 250F) - Magnetic Drive

    The high-flow (HF) model comes with all the great features of the original March pump - magnetic drive, handles flow restriction, okay for boiling temperatures, 6' cord with plug, food-grade...

    March Pump Assembly

    High-Flow March Pump assembly, complete with fittings. Threading stainless steel onto plastic can be somewhat tricky, so we send this unit out completely assembled for you! We mount a stainless...

    March Nano Brewery Pump

    Designed for the small 'Nano' commercial brewery where the H315 series is too small but you don't yet need a full on expensive professional brewery pump. The March Nano Brewery...

    Wrench For H308C Prefilter

    Wrench for opening prefilter on Super Transfer Pump (H308) Item # H308W Weight 0.50 LBS

    Replacement Screen for Pre-Screen Filter

    Replacement Screen for FIL26 and FIL27 pre-screen filters. California Recipients: WARNING: Cancer -   Item # FIL26A Weight 0.04 LBS

    Pre-Screen Filter - 3/4 in Inline Barbs

    Inline mesh screen filter to pre filter liquids before passing through a pump. Will remove large particles and protect the pump mechanisms from contaminants. Features 3/4 inch barbs on the...

    Set of Seals for PMP125 / PMP150

    Set of Body Seal, Mechanical Seal and O-Ring needed to completely rebuild the pump head. We recommend changing these out at the same time you change your impeller (PMP125A). Item...

    March Nano Brewery Replacement Gasket

    Replacement gasket for our nano brewery pumps. California Recipients: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -   Item # H329 Weight 0.25 LBS

    Chugger Pump Stainless Steel Pump Head (wet-end assembly)

    This is the complete wet-end assembly for the Chugger Brew Pump. Stainless steel construction means that this is going to be the last head you buy for your pump. If...
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