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    Coopers DIY Home Brewing Carbonation Drops (3 Pack)

    Details: The coopers carbonation drops make bottling time easy. These drops are specially formulated for carbonating your beer and will leave no off flavors in your beer. These drops are...

    Corn Sugar (Dextrose) 4 Lbs

    Features: Corn Sugar 4 lb bag Used to boost alcohol content, or to lighten beers Details: Corn sugar 4 lb. Pure dextrose converted from corn Starch. 100% fermentable. 55Brix at...

    Cascade Beer Candi Syrup - Chipotle Pepper

    Add a bit of spice to your beer or mead with this Artisanal Candi Syrup that is cooked with chipotle peppers during the cooking process. Expect some amazing chipotle flavor...

    Cascade Beer Candi Syrup - Belgian Wit

    Take your Wit beers to new flavor heights with this amazing Artisanal Candi Syrup that is cooked with orange peel and coriander during the cooking process. One taste and the...

    Cascade Beer Candi Syrup - Tart Cherry

    Make a delicious, super unique beer with our Belgian-Style Candi Syrup cooked with Montmorency Tart Cherries. Dried Montmorency cherries are minced and cooked, along with Mahlab Cherry pits, in small...

    Cascade Beer Candi Syrup - Thai Ginger

    Thai Ginger will intrigue you, draw you in, whisper in your ear "use me in your next crazy beer". Differentiate your beer from the pack with this Artisanal Candi Syrup...

    Cascade Beer Candi Syrup - Maple & Smoked Bacon

    Real smoked bacon and maple syrup cooked in small batches of Artisanal Belgian Style Candi Syrup. California Recipients: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -   Item # AJ62 Weight...

    Candi Syrup - D-240 (Premium XX Dark) - 1 lb Pouch

    D-240 Candi Syrup is the richest and darkest candi syrup available on the market. Created to have a rich smooth palate, D-240 is a triple-dark syrup with hints of dark...

    Cascade Beer Candi Syrup - Cocoa Nibs

    Take your beer to new flavor heights with this Artisanal Candi Syrup that is cooked with Cocoa Nibs during the cooking process. Expect amazing chocolate flavor mixed with all the...

    Demerara Sugar (1 lb)

    Otherwise known as Raw Sugar, Demerara sugar is about 97% sucrose, so most of it will ferment out, and will not impart much to the body of your beer. Generally...

    Cascade Beer Candi Syrup - Blood Orange

    Been wanting to add something unique to your next batch, but just not sure what that should be?  Well let us recommend our Blood Orange Candi Syrup!  This syrup goes...

    Brown Rice Syrup (3 lb)

    This 100% pure brown rice syrup provides proteins and amino acids necessary for yeast nutrition, head retention and body along with color and flavor. Because it is filtered, Clarified Brown...
    Cane Sugar

    Cane Sugar

    Cane sugar can be used for sweetening soda or other beverages, or for fermentation. 
    Light Brown Soft Belgian Candi Sugar (Brun Leger)

    Light Brown Soft Belgian Candi Sugar (Brun Leger)

    Soft Candi Sugars can be preferred over candi syrups for their ease of storage and boil addition. Our Brun Leger soft sugar is the raw super-infused crystalline result of the...
    Brown Soft Belgian Candi Sugar (Brun Fonce)

    Brown Soft Belgian Candi Sugar (Brun Fonce)

    Use this soft candi sugar in all of your Belgian beers to impart a wonderfully soft and well-rounded flavor that you have never had in your beers before! A by-product...
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