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    Tannin Complex, 30g

    Features: Added post fermentation Adds complexity Improves overall structure Aids in preventing oxidation Net Wt 30 grams Details: Tannin Complex is a tannin that is added post fermentation to improve...


    Features: Mocha Liquid Oak Tannin brings out the character of a heavy toast barrel Contain only water and tannin from 3 year old seasoned French oak Slightly smoky with chocolate...

    Tannin Riche Extra, 1.8g

    Features: Imparts a soft aromatic character Hints of Coconut and Vanillan Oak Enhances structure and complexity Helps with clarification, Stability, oxidation & Aging Net Wt 1.8 grams Details: Enological tannins...

    Tannin FT Blanc Soft, 30g

    Features: Use at Start of Fermentation to protect against oxygen Can also be used as an aging tannin Imparts mouthfeel with perception of sweetness Aids in perception of sweetness Nt...
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